Creative Coaching

  • Access your Inner Resources
  • Write that Novel
  • Compose that Song
  • Perform that Show with Consistent Excellence

NLP Coaching

State of the Art Mind-Technology

  • More concerned with the “How” not the “Why” of behaviors
  • Allows you to let go of un-resourceful negative emotions fast!
  • Did you know? We all have strategies for love, buying something, for business and for sex? if you could learn how to elicit these strategies how valuable could that be?
  • Allows you to manage your states consistently
  • A powerful model of Therapeutic Change

Hypnotic Coaching

  • Hypnosis has been used effectively in the medical field, in sports performance and for weight loss and smoking cessation
  • You have more control when you are hypnotized because your senses are heightened and you are in control
  • Deeply relaxing and an excellent tool for ego-strengthening

Executive Coaching

  • The quickest results using modern methods of neuroplasticity. 
  • Apply Metaprograms from NLP training to increase your employee’s performance and learn their motivation strategy.
  • Learn to elicit corporate and individual values for maximum results!



  • Learn quick tools to relieve anxiety in a New York minute!
  • Notice how concepts about the future play into all anxiety
  • Performance anxiety gone using one of the most powerful NLP techniques
  • Social anxiety (way overrated and easy to remedy permanently)


  • De-stress at a moment’s notice
  • Control reactions to stresses by recognizing your emotional triggers
  • Allow healthy habits to be woven into your busy lifestyle easily
  • Create new neural pathways to get rid of anxiety more rapidly

Fitness Coaching

  • Martial Arts concepts for breathing powerfully and for having dynamic posture to maximize any cross training
  • Mindful Meditative Techniques to find the calm in any storm
  • The Best of the East in Yoga techniques. How the meditation is the key to Yogic excellence.



with Coach Susan

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  • Find out what is the best fit for your goals
  • Learn the power of Focus








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