transformational coaching

in a NY Minute you can transcend the stress, the anxiety and the fears!


Creative Coaching

  • Access your Inner Resources
  • Write that Novel
  • Compose that Song
  • Perform that Show with Consistent Excellence

NLP Coaching

State of the Art Mind-Technology

  • More concerned with the “How” not the “Why” of behaviors
  • Allows you to let go of un-resourceful negative emotions fast!
  • Did you know? We all have strategies for love, buying something, for business and for sex? if you could learn how to elicit these strategies how valuable could that be?
  • Allows you to manage your states consistently
  • A powerful model of Therapeutic Change

Hypnotic Coaching

  • Hypnosis has been used effectively in the medical field, in sports performance and for weight loss and smoking cessation
  • You have more control when you are hypnotized because your senses are heightened and you are in control
  • Deeply relaxing and an excellent tool for ego-strengthening

Executive Coaching

  • The quickest results using modern methods of neuroplasticity. 
  • Apply Metaprograms from NLP training to increase your employee’s performance and learn their motivation strategy.
  • Learn to elicit corporate and individual values for maximum results!



  • Learn quick tools to relieve anxiety in a New York minute!
  • Notice how concepts about the future play into all anxiety
  • Performance anxiety gone using one of the most powerful NLP techniques
  • Social anxiety (way overrated and easy to remedy permanently)


  • De-stress at a moment’s notice
  • Control reactions to stresses by recognizing your emotional triggers
  • Allow healthy habits to be woven into your busy lifestyle easily
  • Create new neural pathways to get rid of anxiety more rapidly

Fitness Coaching

  • Martial Arts concepts for breathing powerfully and for having dynamic posture to maximize any cross training
  • Mindful Meditative Techniques to find the calm in any storm
  • The Best of the East in Yoga techniques. How the meditation is the key to Yogic excellence.



with Coach Susan

  • Sign up for a free 15 Minute consultation with me
  • Find out what is the best fit for your goals
  • Learn the power of Focus








M-Th 4p-11pm
F-Sa 9a–8p
Su 10a–6p

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Susan Holman, MA, CHT is a certified NLP Trainer and Consulting Hypnotist. In addition to English she speaks fluent French and can help clients in French. She uses an integrated multidisciplinary approach that draws upon her background as a vocalist, NLP Trainer and Hypnotist.. She is also  learning Mandarin. Ms. Holman has completed practicums in two French psychiatric institutes in Rennes, France. She worked at the Centre de Psychiatrie  pour les Adultes and also at the Centre pour les Enfants in Rennes.

Ms. Holman has been an avid researcher in the latest nutritional trends and incorporates that into her transformational work with clients. to create a unique Susan Coach (TM) experience. Clients can save themselves time and precious resources in the transformational process. She collaborates with other professionals in both the medical and hypnotic field and will refer clients when appropriate. Including physiotherapists, psychiatrists and medical doctors.

At Susan Coach (TM) we are dedicating to helping you achieve excellence in your home or business. We spotlight the dynamism of alternative healing techniques that allow clients to take charge of their longevity and health. Whether you are looking for excellence in your personal life, career or a new business venture, we are hear to help you achieve your highest level of service to both yourself and others.



Susan Coach approach is a combination of NLP, hypnosis and transformational healing. We use a multi-disciplinary approach and currently coach clients in both English and French. The first session is one and a half hours long in which we uncover resources and tools to empower you to get past negative emotions, limiting decisions and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.



Please be on time for your appointments as we may have clients scheduled right after you throughout the day.  We require a 24 hour cancellation notice and you will be charged for the session. The frequency will depend on your own individual needs but essentially we are helping to facilitate behavioral change quite rapidly through the techniques. A frequent question we ask all our clients is “How good are you willing to allow yourself to feel?”  Too often the presenting problem that the client has exists because they not yet have learned to tap into the resources of their subconscious mind. Just asking the right questions can help facilitate change and shift focus to enable  clients to be on the “cause’ side of the equation of life. The client is in charge and “creating” the reality and it is not happening “to them”. This is a powerful shift for everyone.


To find out right now how this transformational coaching experience can help you create the life you want, please schedule your 15 minute phone consultation by clicking here.



We will also inquire about your existing insurance policy to see what is covered in our services. Fees vary based upon the number of sessions purchased.




Performing Artists Learn excellent modern techniques to get over performance anxiety and achieve consistent results time after time.

Executive Coaching

Be on the cutting edge of paradigm shifts in the workplace and increase performance of yourself and your employees. Use values integration and testing to achieve excellence.

Transformational Health Coaching

This works on both the mental and physical level so that you are able to achieve  behavioral congruency at the mind/body level.



My voice will follow you in your hypnotic journey and will also follow you on your custom MP3 so that you can listen to it in the convenience of your home, office or before you workout


Yes we all need help to create lasting and fulfilling relationships in an asphalt jungle. I have interviewed hundreds of couples and bring the best of the best to you in how to have true staying power with your mate. We also see how your values match up as that is an integral part of any healthy longterm relationship. Going through a divorce or break-up? Sometimes this can be a time of tremendous opportunity for incredible growth.


At Susan coach we are trained in mind / body techniques including martial arts, yogic and meditative therapy and vocal techniques that facilitate even deeper meaningful change when applied with the Transformational Coaching.

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Interview by Susan Holman, CHT, MA

by Susan Holman

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