1. What is NLP Transformational Coaching?

It is the use of the latest techniques in mind technology to help clients  get rid of limiting decisions and limiting beliefs and any negative emotions that may be holding them back from living life to their full potential. At Susan Coach (TM) we treat the whole person and help them to take their lives to the next level of excellence.

2. Who benefits from Susan Coach(TM) COACHING? 

We have been conditioned by contemporary society to settle for mediocrity in our mental health and wellness. We are being hypnotized by advertising companies and the media to believe that there is something wrong with us at every turn and that we need to seek guidance “outside” of ourselves. In actuality, perfect health and peak performance is an “inside job” and always has been. Ms. Holman and her associates work have found that people from all walks of life can benefit from  the transformational techniques.

Artists -

for performance anxiety and who need access to resourceful states at their fingertips. Find your true voice as an artist. 

Relationship Counseling -

We did not come with a manual but when you learn how to elicit love strategies in your partner, this becomes a game changer in the field of relationships. Want to take it even further? Add values alignment with your mate and you are in it for the long haul. 

Business Men and Women -

Learn to establish lasting rapport with clients and how to read the subconscious signals that can make or break a business transaction.

Parents -

Learn to apply techniques to facilitate learning for children. Also apply NLP to eliminate ADD by allowing children to focus in a powerful way.

Weight Management Clients -

Develop whole brain functioning and  empowering beliefs that allow the journey to be fun and long-lasting instead of laborious and tedious. Allow Ideal Weight goals the best mental environment in which you can create consistent healthy dietary and exercise habits.  

3. What is NLP Coaching? 

Think of NLP as the latest in mind technology that allows you to create behavioral change at the subconscious level. NLP is the merging of neurology, language and patterns and allows you to develop powerful skills for communicating in any setting. You notice subtle yet powerful cues and are able to create the results you want while communicating. It has been used by politicians, the military and the media to influence human behavior. Our goal in Transformational Coaching is to help clients to become congruent in both their inner dialogue and outward behavior. Be prepared to find that once we start working like this, change comes more easily than in most other modalities.

4. How Often Should I Come?

Most clients notice the changes in 3 to 6 sessions and you do not have to come every week. You may find yourself breezing through your goals and evolving more quickly by some of the potent techniques introduced.