Susan Holman, MA, CHT is a certified NLP Trainer and Consulting Hypnotist. In addition to English she speaks fluent French and can help clients in French. She uses an integrated multidisciplinary approach that draws upon her background as a vocalist, NLP Trainer and Hypnotist.. She is also  learning Mandarin. Ms. Holman has completed practicums in two French psychiatric institutes in Rennes, France. She worked at the Centre de Psychiatrie  pour les Adultes and also at the Centre pour les Enfants in Rennes.

Ms. Holman has been an avid researcher in the latest nutritional trends and incorporates that into her transformational work with clients. to create a unique Susan Coach (TM) experience. Clients can save themselves time and precious resources in the transformational process. She collaborates with other professionals in both the medical and hypnotic field and will refer clients when appropriate. Including physiotherapists, psychiatrists and medical doctors.

At Susan Coach (TM) we are dedicating to helping you achieve excellence in your home or business. We spotlight the dynamism of alternative healing techniques that allow clients to take charge of their longevity and health. Whether you are looking for excellence in your personal life, career or a new business venture, we are hear to help you achieve your highest level of service to both yourself and others.